Dj "Chica" (Lyndee Hornell)


Lyndee is a Hualapai community member. She is ½ Hopi, ¼  Hualapai and ¼ Navajo. On her maternal side she is the granddaughter of Winston Duwyenie from Hotevilla, AZ of the Sun Clan and Vivian Havatone-Honga from Peach Springs, Az of the Big Sandy Band. On her paternal side she is granddaughter of Carl Hornell from Houck/Fort Defiance, Az of the Kiia a nee Clan and Mary Gala from Polacca, Az of the Road Runner Clan.  She comes from a very musical family and embraces a diverse variety of music. You name it-she loves it!  Lyndee grew up singing and dancing on the Pow Wow Trail. She learned to DJ and put on dances at the young age of 13. All of her Uncles have bands from a variety of genres, including Native Contemporary, Reggae/Alternative and Rez Country. This makes her a perfect fit for The Peach! Lyndee generously volunteers as host of Roots and Riddims . She feels that as a Native American, it’s an opportunity to bring communities together, to help others connect with native language and culture, and to reaffirm a sense of personal cultural identity.




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