Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 03-31-2016

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 03/31/2016

The meeting was held in the small conference room at the Health Dept as the station’s conference room still has no lights. Those in attendance included Sandra Irwin, Health Department; Vivian Parker, maternal Health and community Elder;Elena Bravo, healthy Heart; Darlene Wakayuta, Prevention Services; Tina Grounds, DJ ; Wanda Quasula, DJ and Law Enforcement.; Terri Hutchens, Radio Station. There was no representative for Boys and Girls Club or Cultural. The minutes of  the  02/25/2016 meeting were approved.

Terri reported there is nothing new pending regarding the F.C.C. and status of FM Station.

Terri reported on the Status of Community Volunteers and Staffing as follows:

  • The Part time admin assistant position filled with Antoinette Blackwell-her hours will be Mon and Tues 9 to 5 and Wed 9 to 1
  • The Hualapai Apprentice position is still open and posted. ( Discussion regarding the position and encouraging application was discussed.) An ad runs regularly on the station and the position is posted open until closed
  • The station currently has 10 active volunteer DJSs- one returning ( Lyndee) and  one new Temp ( Caitlin)
  • The station stilldesperately Need volunteers to screen donated CDs for content and duplications and new music from licensed supplier

Terri  reported on the updates  re programming ,operations and content as follows:

  • There have been no program schedule changes this month.
  • Council approved funding of $15,000 to have electrical and other building safety issued  addressed and  Mark in Public works is taking bids and arranging
  • The station has now established a Local Take Over Line . Terri explained the purpose and usage planned and Department staff that would be involved. A training session for Council selected dept heads is set for  April 5
  • The ENCO broadcast  equipment and software has arrived and engineering staff is working on setting it up and familiarizing themselves with . Discussion on the impact it will have on programming, F.C.C.  compliance and Volunteers DJs was had briefly.
  • Current advertisers and sponsors running ads regularly include: the Walapai Market, Diamond Creek Restaurant, Blue Moon Pest Control  and Brendan Theater . They are all trade and going well.   Station just signed cash contract forj Grand Canyon Caverns sponsorship of AZ News

Terri reviewed the F.C.C. rules regarding political advertising in General. Discussion was held regarding application of these rules to upcoming local elections. Discussion of other options and possible impact on station was held. The Committee voted and unanimously agreed the F.C.C. Local Election Rules should be applied as is to Hualapai Tribe local elections.

Terri reported on other matters as follows:

  • The station currently has no regular and consistent participation of community youth in programming. The station continues to provide music a DJing services at no cost once monthy to the Boys and Girls Club.
  • Terri distributed a print out of all new music added to the library in February and March 2016.
  • Terri indicated she would still like to have an additional meeting with new committee members to get them up to speed, but has had no response to request for available or preferred times.
  • Ads for bids for roadside billboards are still running. One company in BHC has expressed interest and says they will be submitting a bid.
  • The next meeting will be on April 28, 2016.

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