Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 2-11-2013

Hualapai Radio Advisory Committee

Minutes of 2/11/2013 Meeting

The meeting was held at noon at the radio station. Persons attending the meeting included Terri Hutchens, project coordinator; Tim Vaughn, radio station assistant; Leon Ghahate and  Lyndee Hornell,  youth services; Bennett Jackson, cultural; and Nathan Craynon and Chris Henshaw from Nacom.

Terri Hutchens provided attendees with another copy of a list of national free public service announcements and a sample volunteer policy and procedure handbook for review and input. Terri Hutchens and Tim Vaughn also gave a status report on the change of the internet station from Kidstar to Shout Automation and the terrestrial station application process including the fact the first February deadline had passed with no comments from anyone but us, so no further comments were expected by the final 2/26/2013 response to comments deadline, and Fred Hannel would attend the next meeting by phone to give an official update and overview of what would happen next upcoming deadlines in February.

Continuing discussion was held regarding language and cultural content. Station staff would like to have community members contribute a brief welcome/blessing/song to rotate first thing in the morning; additional and redone Hualapai Trivia and a “word and phrase of the day” as well as stories, history and conversation and needs volunteers. Information was provided regarding the disclaimers the station has speakers provide and the consent and limitation forms that are utilized to ensure compliance with traditional limits. The availability of stipends for both youth and community participants regarding the research project and cultural and language content was confirmed. Bennett Jackson is working on getting stories and volunteers.

Discussion was held regarding  some of the content of the Volunteer handbook sample from Rez Radio in Pala. Terri Hutchens suggested that many of the suggestions made in the handbook might be stronger prohibitions in the Hualapai handbook to avoid issues presenting and also that the volunteer agreement include an indemnity and hold harmless provision. Consensus agreed.  The final handbook will need to be approved by Director Irwin and the Council.

Discussion was held re lyrics content. Consenus was that lyrics should continue to limited to be consistent with the station mission statement and the mission statement of the health Department, although FCC standards would be more permissive. Discussion of FCC rules that vary by hour of the day were discussed.  At this time the station will continue to NOT PLAY lyrics that: glorify alcohol or drug use, glorify suicide or self-harm; contain graphic references to violence or sexual behavior and that contain obscenity which would be considered “indecent” as opposed to obscene and allowed by the FCC during late night hours.  The committee approved playing some lyrics which contain anti-war sentiment. All participants were encouraged to listen to the station ( so they can give input on programming; join the EPCH Facebook page to get programming updates and stop by the station and invite others to participate.  

The next meetings will be held at the Cultural Center at noon on Monday February  25, 2013, so more cultural staff may easily participate with the agenda including a discussion of concerns regarding culture and language on the radio, as well as a report via telephone from Mr. Hannel.