Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda - 12-10-2013

         Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Board

Meeting Agenda 12/10/2013

I.                    Introductions

II.                  Status of Terrestrial Station-share FCC notice and Council letter and Tower site visit

III.                Status of Community Volunteers

IV.                A. Misc (Ivan’s show and Dempsey and misc )

a.       Discussion of board members  volunteering

b.      Discussion of campaign ideas for community member volunteer participation

c.       Discuss status/ideas/dateof open house?

V.                  Updates  re programming /operations/content

VI.                Status of current staffing

a.       Radio station assistant

b.      Secretary/Reception position

VII.              Other?

a.       Status of youth programming-WIA/BGC/Youth Council/Probation

b.      Questions-Comments?

VIII.            Next meetings? Dates and Location?