•Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda - 3/11/2014

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Board
Meeting Agenda 3/11/2014

I. Introductions

II. Status of Terrestrial Station
A. FCC  status
B. Tower  info/status-BIA and Tribal Council
C. C. Call sign assignment
D. TOH and Imaging Production
E. Public file and access demonstration

III. Status of Community Volunteers
A.    Misc (Ivan’s show-specials, Dempsey)

IV. Updates  re programming /operations/content
A. New music update and input (bring jump drive)
B. Music library updates
C. C cultural conversations
D. New PSAs
E. Prep Services and News

V. Other
a. Roof
b. Status of youth programming-WIA/BGC/Youth Council/Probation
c. March/April  events-NAB  conference

d. Questions-Comments?

VI. Next meetings? Dates and Location?