Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 3-11-2014

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes 3/11/2014

I. Persons attending included Terri Hutchens-station staff, Tim Vaughn-station staff, Sean Hargraves-IT, Duane Clarke and Shawna Havaton- Emergency Services, Philbert Watahomigie, Council Vice Chairman and Radio Station Liaison, Darren Hudak, Boys and Girls Club

II. Status of Terrestrial Station- Terri gave an update on the status of the Terrestrial station. Tribal Council approved a Resolution on February 24, 2013 and Chairwoman signed a related MOU with the BIA to utilize an abandoned 47’ tower on Gray Mountain rather than share the “Verizon Tower.” A local permit application will need to be completed and a modification of the FCC permit will need to be obtained before construction. Terri secured the call letters “KWLP” for the station through negotiations with the Coast Guard and assignment from FCC secured by consultant Hannel.  Shout Automation/Ruth Wood have been directed to proceed with creation of 25 TOP and Imaginng drops for KWLP-paid for last year. A public file has been set up in compliance with the FCC. It is electronic and located in the station conference e room. The file will be maintained in Phoenix by Mr. Hannel for security purposed. The public and staff can view the file at the station, but cannot alter it. Consensus of Committee is that a flat fee of $5.00 should be charged if someone requests a copy of the FCC operations handbook and other documents will be printed for the public at a cost of .25 cents a copy.

III. Status of Community Volunteers
A.    Terri and Tim gave an overview of volunteer participation. Consistent attendance  and contribution is an issue. Only one volunteer consistently meets commitment and complies with applicable rules and policy at this time.  BGC staff and youth consistently participate on Fridays. Tim spoke up in favor of  committee members participating and doing so more frequently with drops, PSAs, interviews, being djs, and screening music.  There was a discussion about the recent issues with volunteer incentives and a request from staff for committee support and education to Council and community re operations and standards of practices for community radio, give-aways, incentives, etc.,.

IV. Updates  re programming /operations/content- Terri reported approximately 80 new songs were added to the library in March 2014 from  6 main genres: country, alternative, rock, reggae, urban and pop. The station also purchased 3 native American artists CDS which have not yet been screened or loaded.  Only two committee members submitted comments and input for last months new music…..Cultural conversations the next month or so will be the narrations of the new language books published and distributed by Cultural. The station has two assigned prep services now that we have call letters, secured affiliate status with Arizona radio news and received and added about 6 new PSAs on local issues. There was discussion of doing a local survey and utilizing the Health Departments new “clickers” to do so.  There was also discussion of combining an open house with the Transitional House open house next door.

V. Other – Terri reported the roof had been repaired at no cost due to the assistance and intervention of Vice Chairman. The Boys and Girls Club continues to participate at the station every Friday. Additional participation from WIA and Probation has stopped and it would be desirable if it continued.  Duane will follow up with status of retired vehicle assignment. Terri, Tim and Ruth woody will be attending the NAB conference in April.  Terri and Duane will be attending the Mohave county EAS planning meeting on April 24 in Kingman.

VI. Next meetings-will be April 15, 2014 at the radio station, as Terri and Tim will be gone on April 8.