Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Board

Meeting Agenda 7/08/2013

  1. Introductions
  1. Approval of Minutes
  1. Status of Terrestrial Station-share email from Fred Hannel
  1. Status of Community Volunteers
    1. Discussion of board members volunteering
    2. Discussion of campaign ideas for community member volunteer participation

1. (share flyers-handouts)

2.Introduce Ivan and have him share his experience

  1. Updates re programming /operations
    1. Revised program schedule
    2. NV1 Contract
    3. Operations manual additional sections:

1.Addition to volunteer handbook regarding headphones (discussion)

2.Contest/Give Away procedure and forms (hand outs)

3.Production procedure and forms (handouts)

  1. Culture and Language discussion….
  2. News and info (sheet) services discussion
  1. Other?
    1. Status of youth programming-WIA/BGC/Probation
    2. KGMN visit and plans for contract assistance
    3. Upcoming travel and training
    4. Questions-Comments?
  1. Next meetings? Dates and Location?