Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 05-26-2016

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes 05/26/2016
Noon- lunch provided by Walapai Market
Radio station Conference Room

Persons attending the meeting included: Terri Hutchens and Georgetta Russell, radio station; Elaena Bravo, Healthy Heart; Brittany Unger, Boys and Girls Club; Wanda Quasula, Law Enforcement

I. Status of FM Station
Terri reported that repairs, back up antennas and transmitter and remote application in works as station suffered some damage during wind storm in early April and lightening strike in early May. Terri requested input regarding seeking upgrade from Class C to A and consensus was to wait until new council was seated?

II. Status of Community Volunteers and Staffing
Terri reported Hualapai Apprentice position filled and introduced Georgetta Russell. Terri reported station still need volunteers to screen donated CDs for content and duplications and new music from licensed supplier. Terri announced the volunteer of Month and reported that two volunteer DJS who had been on sabbatical indicated they would be returning this month and that we have one additional regular language contributor ( Bonita Imus in addition to Mike Whatonome.)

III. Updates re programming /operations/content
Terri reported there are no new programming updates; Electrical and building Repairs in will be in progress over the next couple of months with Barkhurst electric selected and public works doing new stairs and skirting and misc. Enco conversion is going slowly due to staff’s other tasks. Terri reported the Market, GCC and Brendan Theater going well, Lodge will pick up with Getta doing Morning Blend; just signed Dr Purdum to sponsor Soulful Moments; but we lost Blue Moon Pest control because they only got one customer in three months of ads. Terri reported the station is selling local political ads and reviewed the rules and pricing. The station is still almost a year after the fact looking for a local to do Billboards.

IV. Other
Terri reported there are currently no youth actively participating but expects WIA summer youth and Brittany indicated BGC would be coming over more, but for staffing shortages. Terri distributed a print out of new music loaded into the station in 05/2016. Terri would still like to meet with new advisory committee members and bring them up to speed with veterans, but most not present…Terri proposed reducing the number of advisory committee meetings to every other month or quarterly, now that the FM license had been received. The consensus was to reduce them to quarterly, with the next meeting to be held on July 28, 2016: still at noon and still at the station.