Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda - 03-31-16

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 03/31/2016

Noon- lunch provided by Walapai Market

Radio station Conference Room

  1. Intros-Raffle tickets-Sign  In
  2. Approve minutes from 02/25/2016 meeting
  1. Status of FM Station
    1. Nothing new to report
  2. Status of Community Volunteers and Staffing
    1. Part time admin assistant position filled with Antoinette Blackwell-hours Mon and Tues 9 to 5 and Wed 9 to 1
    2. Hualapai Apprentice position still open and posted
    3. 10 active volunteer DJSs- one returning ( Lyndee) one new Temp ( Caitlin)
    4.  Desperately Need volunteers to screen donated CDs for content and duplications and new music from licensed supplier
  1. Updates  re programming /operations/content
    1. No new programming updates
    2. Electrical Issue- Council approved funding and Mark in Public works taking bids and arranging
    3. Local Take Over Line is established-training session for select dept heads on April 5
    4. ENCO  equipment has arrived and engineering staff working on setting it up and familiarizing selves with it coming soon
    5. Advertising/Sponsorship Updates-
      1. Market, Blue Moon Pest Control  and Brendan Theater going well
      2.  just signed Cash agreement for sponsorship of AZ News with Grand Canyon Caverns- Dan working out details
      3. F.Political Ads: Review of Rules: Applying Local Election Rules-Consensus
      4. Status of  Billboards -still no response
  1.  Other
    1. Status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA-None except Dances
    2. Music Library Update
      1. New loaded music  2/3/2016
      2. C.Schedule update sessions for new members
      3. Other?
      4. Raffle winner

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