Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda 10-22-2015

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 10/22/2015

Noon-light lunch provided

Radio station

  1. Intros-Sign  In


  1. Status of FM Station

  1. FM Launch Open House- increase in community and local sound/PSAs and engagement

  2. Test phase-power increases and transmitter overheating : interventions

  3. EAS system status


  1. Status of Community Volunteers

  1. 2 New volunteers and 1 returning: 2 lost-

  2. Continue Recruiting! :)

  3. Volunteer of the Month update-(hand out)


  1. Updates  re programming /operations/content

  1. Program schedule changed 08152015 (hand out)

  2. Contests/Give Aways-County Fair in Sept, AZ state fair and Culture Shock in October, Rez Country and Movie tickets in Nov

  3. Dances/ Community Events and Collaborations-Employee Picnic in August,Open House in Sept, BGC Dance and community Harvest Festival in

  4. Culture Shock event-need volunteers (see promo flyer and sign up sheet)

  5. Advertising/Sponsorship Updates-Caverns &Theater& State FAir

  6. Status of  Billboards-

  7. Revised Handbook for FM- changes made and submitted to Council


  1. Other

  1. Status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA

  2. Music Library Update

    1. ( see new music directory print out for Sept/October)

    2. ( 2 major donations)

  3. Continuing Reviewing, processing donated music-could use volunteer help

  4. More station promos on the air

  5. NAB conference summary and resulting change in policy re sales, volunteer training mandatory and purchase of ENCO broadcast software

  6. Other?

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