Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 05-28-2015

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 5/28/2015

Noon-lunch provided

Radio station

  1. The meeting was attended by Terri Hutchens, station manager; Vivian Parker, Health Dept representative and elder community member; Cliffany Mowa, BGC representative. Vivian won the attendance raffle (KWLP swag bag.)
  1. Terri gave a report on the Status of Terrestrial Station Build out including Public works needing to complete punch list and tower fencing; work done to date by engineer; and obstacles and delays regarding getting electricity at the tower site from Mohave electric. Ruth Woody will be on site next month to work on stream and broadcast program changes for FM.
  1. Terri reported on the Status of Community Volunteers and handed out an updated roster. There is one new community volunteer. There are currently 13 volunteers doing 17 shows and staff each do a show. Program schedule updated 04/2015 was distributed. P1 learning on line curriculum was described. Issues with consistency of volunteer participation discussed and possible incentives/competition with a Volunteer of the Month program. Vivian and Cliffany shared ideas and Vivian offered to contact elders who might be able to make language and culture contributions. Station was encouraged to utilize and enlist contributions from Carrie Cannon at Cultural, even though she isn’t native-she is a respected authority in the community. Advisory committee will encourage collaboration with senior center and store.
  1. Terri reported on updates re programming /operations/content: current staff and part-time status of Cherise. An overview of past, present and planned future constests and give aways was reviewed. A report on dances and community events station participated in recently and has planned for this and next month was given. Cliffany suggested more trivia games to involve listeners. Terri also reported on her presentation to GCRC Board last month and the progress of negotiating contracts and trade agreements for advertisers, including GCRC and the Lodge. Vivian and Cliffany both shared appreciation for DanOs MCing/DJing of the BGC dances.
  1. Terri reviewed the contents of an NFCB webinar she attended regarding radio station governance and provided a related handout. Cliffany agreed that BGC would resume weekly activity reports with youth and/or staff. Terri reviewed the limits of music for the commercial station regarding licensing and copyright and described the issues with ITunes. A hand out showing the new music for the station in the last two months was distributed.

Terri also reported on efforts to update website ,especially for volunteers, show pages, advisory committee page/resources and advertiser page/media kit. The KWLP Voice Imaging is done being recorded and is currently being produced and can be reviewed at the station, as well as the new production library. Terri and Dan will be attending NFCB conference June 11-14 in Albuquerque.

  1. The next meeting will be at the station at noon with lunch provided on Thursday June 25, 2015.

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