Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda - 6-24-2014

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Board

Meeting Agenda 6/24/2014

  1. Introductions and Approval of Minutes
  1. Status of Terrestrial Station
    1. Hualapai Local Permit
    2. Collaboration with Public Works- tower and studio
    3. Local Engineer- Matt Krick contract and equipment selection
  1. Status of Community Volunteers/Contests
    1. Reggae in The Desert
    2. Birthdays collaborations with HR.
    3. Committee ideas/participation commitments
    4. Surveys done and out round one
  1. Updates Re-programming/operations/content
    1. Production and Broadcast Training
    2. Tightening up clocks
    3. Review of content restriction and music library policy
  1. Other
    1. Status of youth programming-WIA/BGC/Youth Council/Probation- Terri
    2. Terri Native Public Media presentation dates-Terri
    3. Amateur radio club of Mohave County-who will participate?
    4. Website updates and Shop
    5. Promotional Products
    6. Supervision/Staffing
    7. Other?
    8. Next Meetings? Dates and Location?

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