Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 3-25-2013

Hualapai Radio Advisory Committee

Minutes of 3/25/2013 Meeting

The meeting was held at noon at the radio station. Persons attending the meeting included Terri Hutchens, project coordinator; Tim Vaughn, radio station assistant; Casey Shultz, radio station assistant, Leon Ghahate ,  youth services; Darrin Hudak and Cliffany fro BGC.

Terri Hutchens provided attendees with a brief status report regarding the internet station and the terrestrial station. Planned site visit on 4/18 for Ruth Woody of Shot Automation and upcoming training and conference trips for staff were announced, including site visit in early April to Navajo and Hopi.  Two adult community members are currently participating reqularly as volunteer djs. Efforts to engage and collaborate with other departments and agencies and to engage additional youth were discussed.  The slogan for the station “all kinds of music…for all of peach springs..” was introduced and approved. All participants were encouraged to listen to the station ( so they can give input on programming; join the EPCH Facebook page to get programming updates and stop by the station, volunteer in the station by doing interviews, PSAs language and culture contributions or other tasks, such as screening music; as well as encouraged to  invite others to participate.  

Casey gave a brief overview regarding the current production process.  Upgrades in equipment are desired and planned.

Leon reported that during the 3rd week of April he would be bringing speakers to the community (successful Hualapai who had completed high school-Sam Bender and April Tinhorn) and would like to have them appear live and be interviewed, and/or do PSA trailers. He also discussed further his desire to have a dance as an incentive/reward; perhaps in June, with the station providing music, and perhaps the dance taking place on the asphalt in front of the station. Tim will be attending the youth prevention meetings as the station liason for the possible projects.

Darren and Cliffany  discussed their interest in working with the station to meet their objectives regarding youth public speaking curriculums participating in youth outreach and providing unique area programming. It was agreed that Cliffany would bring teen program youth to the station each Friday am to do misc broadcasting and to work on the social influence drama. Darrin will be locating national BGC psas and arrange to record local trailers with Casey and the station staff will produce and air them regularly.

Consensus of the group is to reduce meetings to monthly, at least until terrestrial station license and permits are issued by the FCC. Interested community members have indicated attending on payroll Monday creates a significant conflict, as do frequently scheduled Monday council meetings. The next meeting will be held on:


Please contact Terri by email or at 769-1110 no later than Monday the 6th to advise if you will attend in person so lunch may be ordered for you; or if you need to attend by phone, so a conference call may be arranged.