Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 2-25-2013

Hualapai Radio Advisory Committee

Minutes of 2/25/2013 Meeting

The meeting was held at noon at the Culture Department. Persons attending the meeting included Terri Hutchens, project coordinator; Tim Vaughn, radio station assistant; Leon Ghahate,  youth services; Bennett Jackson, Loretta Jackson-Kelly, Marcie Craynon and Dawn Hubbs from cultural; Wanda Quasula, law enforcement and  Fred Hannel Radio Engineer, phoenix via telephone.

Terri Hutchens provided attendees with another copy of a list of national free public service announcements being run by the station, the radio station web page, the radio station mission statement, a copy of the release and permission to rebroadcast form used when individuals contribute  stories or songs, and a revised programming schedule. Members were asked to review the draft volunteer handbook for future review and advised that one adult community member has expressed interest in being a volunteer dj and hosting a show and has scheduled training. Terri Hutchens and Tim Vaughn gave an overview and history of the radio station project and programming. They also gave a status report on the change of the internet station from Kidstar to Shout Automation and increase of amount and variety of music content. Fred Hannel gave a telephone report,  including an overview of the effort to bring radio to Peach Springs, including the status of the terrestrial station application process with the FCC.

Lengthy discussion was held regarding the opportunity and suggested process for bringing more culture and language to the radio station, including solicitation of community contributors. Loreeta Jackson, Dawn Hubbs, Marcie Craynon and Bennett Jackson shared their experiences; guidelines; suggested collaborative efforts and other materials for inclusion in the programming. Loretta summarized and confirmed the guidelines and limitations regarding sharing traditional stories. Suggestions included Marcie from cultural providing a regular event calendar to the station staff so staff may record activities and language speakers and stories providing ethno-botany materials and interviews. This will include local community members telling and reading stories to Head Start youth on Monday mornings.  The names of community members who spoke the language and might be willing to participate was shared. Dawn Hubbs indicated a willingness to record public service announcements and narrate written materials to encourage and promote more language on the radio. Terri , Loretta, Dawn and Marcie will communicate regularly and collaborate. Priority language programming will include community members contributing a brief welcome/blessing/song to rotate first thing in the morning; “Hualapai Trivia” will be redone and expanded from materials provided by cultural. More local public service announcements will be solicited and created.  A “Hualapai word and phrase of the day” will be created. A narration of Jeff Shepard’s Hualapai history will be done. More stories, history and conversation in the language will be solicited and encouraged included .and needs volunteers. Information was provided regarding the disclaimer and consent, including limitations contributors sign which the station utilizes to ensure compliance with traditional limits. Loretta will sign this form for recordings done and broadcast from Cultural Department activities and the station will provide Cultural with a copy of the recording for archives. The availability of stipends for both youth and community participants regarding the research project and cultural and language content was confirmed.

 Meetings will continue to every other Monday at noon, at least until the Terrestrial station is operating.  The next few meetings will be held at the Cultural Center to facilitate Cultural staff participation and prioritize language and culture in the station’s programming. March meetings will be on March 11 and March 25, 2013. 

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