Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 9-4-2014

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 9/4/2014

  1. I.Intros, Gifts of new promo products! J: All attendees received gift bags containing the new KWLP promotional products and T-shirts.The persons in attendance were Terri Hutchens Radio station; Ivan Bender , community volunteer dj; Tina Grounds, Court and community volunteer dj; Bennett Jackson, Cultural Dept; Darlene Bender, Health Dept and new community volunteer dj and Wanda Quasula, law enforcement and community volunteer dj. Last minutes were approved.
  1. II.Status of Terrestrial Station Build out: Terri reported that the Terrestrial station build out is stalled for several reasons: public works projects in the build out plan have halted, as the station project apparently keeps getting bumped for other priorities such as rain damage, etc.,. a new schedule hasn’t been established yet. Terri has requested a meeting with Dennis/Phil/Mark.  The build out is also stalled due to an impasse in contract negotiations with the prospective filed engineer/operator, Matt Krick and the Tribe-there are contract provisions in a new contract form they cannot agree on. Terri is starting from scratch and trying to find another option to provide these skilled services in the build out and on-going operations. This will impact selection and purchase of transmitter and antenna and the signal delivery method from the station to the tower.  The radio station assistant position is still vacant and on appeal, so not yet being filled temporarily or advertised. Dan O is increasing his contract hours to help out and help get caught up with production in the interim. He is also doing sales  for us and we have gotten a contract with Kingman Cinemas, Keepers of the Wild and the Mohave County Fair so far. These are for trade and we are using the tickets/passes they provide for volunteer incentives and listener give aways. Terri and Duane are going to request a meeting with Council representative to discuss programs unique needs in this and other areas.
  1. Status of Community Volunteers/Contests/Shows
    1. A.New volunteers/shows  Report-Tina Grounds has joined volunteers and is doing rock show with Terri Friday afternoons. Roosie Wescogame is doing a culture and language show on Monday and Friday afternoons at 1:00 and a native country show on Wednesday at 1:00. Dempsey plans to do a second show in addition to the Pwer Hour rave show. He will be doing a native artist hip-hop and pop show on Friday/Saturday late nights…and possibly a drive at five show-one day a week. Duane has been coming in Friday afternoons to do a sounds of the….show at 2:00 in addition to his Thursday countdown show with Shawna H.  Darlene Bender has joined us and will be doing a reggae show on Tuesday afternoons to fill that spot for Ivan. ( Ivan is still doing Thursday nights and may do a 4 at 4 show one day a week soon.
    2. NV1- We had some delay with this programming due to similar contract changes and negotiations, but NV 1 has signed the contract as edited by Tribe. We are waiting to finalize on our end. So, national native programming should continue J
    3. C.Kingman Theater trade agreement: It includes having a staff or volunteer watch a movie on a week day and do a movie review. We need to decide how that will be done since it is a commitment.
    4. D.Lodge Trade- Terri met with Nancy from the Lodge. Miranda will be mc’ing and providing the music for the Halloween show. Nancy agreed to give the station another chance; despite events of last year with dj arriving and hour and ½ late and being “unenthusiastic.” Miranda will wear a costume. We will be doing a scarecrow for the contest, too-a peach dude. Tina suggested it should be hanging from a microphone. Advisory committee will help. We need to set a time to meet and create it. Miranda is doing a paper mache head for it. Nancy agreed the Lodge will be a show segment sponsor-likely part of the morning show so the daily special can be announced and she will trade gift cards for volunteer incentive and listener give aways. We need to finalize this contract.
    5. E.Survey delivery status? This was tabled because Duane is out of town and absent from meeting.
    6. Participation in Hualapai Days parade? Advisory Committee present agreed committee members and volunteers should march in the parade wearing new t-shirts, behind new banners and pass out candy and/or promotional products. This will be Thursday the 25th of September at 5:00. We should meet at the radio station at 4:30-4:45.
    7. Continue Recruiting! :)
  1. Updates  re programming /operations/content
    1. Success of live guests- El Cochise and Warrior King. Terri reported regarding the special guests and the positive community response .
    2. Facebook Activity Report- Terri presented and reviewed a Facebook report showing the community participation had doubled during the week of August 18….coinciding with the live Native and Reggae guests and additional native a reggae programming among other recent programming changes at the station.
    3. C.Upcoming events-Parade and Halloween Event (paid). See above regarding the parade and Halloween events. We will be paid for the Halloween Event. ( This will be our third paid event this summer and we have done two others for trade with BGC.)
    4. D.Three of the committee members took home copies of lyrics and songs on jump drives to screen and give input.
    5. E.We are going to try to record and rebroadcast or broadcast live the adult language and CAL classes. Bennett  got text message ok from Carrie Cannon and Terri will follow up.
  1. V. Other – This was tabled due to time crunch and other activities at 6pm.
    1. Status of youth programming-
    2. Sales and promotion status report
    3. Language and cultural programming report and sharing of info/opportunities
    4. Other?

Participation in the parade on Thursday the 25th at 5pm will be our next meeting. Radio staff will set and send out info about October meetings based on whether the FM station build out resumes or not….

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