Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 6-24-2014

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 6/24/2014

  1. Persons in attendance included, Terri Hutchens , radio station; Miranda George, radio station (part of meeting); Sandra Irwin, Health Dept Director; Cliffany Mowa, BGC; Shawna Havatone and Duane Clarke, Emergency Services and Community DJs; Ivan Bender, community member and community dj and Leon Ghate, Health Department, community dj and law enforcement, Wanda Quasula.
  1. Status of Terrestrial Station
    1. Hualapai local permit-Terri reported this has not yet been issued.
    2. Collaboration with Public works-tower and studio-Terri reported this is going well, but work in studio has been postponed approximately 3 weeks due to other priority projects for Public Works.
    3. local engineer-Matt Krick contract and equipment selection-Terri reported KGMN broadcast technician had made a site visit and was interested in being chief operator and assisting with build out and  regular operations for FM station. Terri presented a draft contract for input. Discussion was held regarding the necessity or desirability of an RFP. Duane expressed strong opinion that RFP should be done for everything. Other members present including Leon Ghate, Ivan Bender and Wanda Quasula indicated they felt it would unnecessarily delay the process so should go forward according to Tribe policy  because contract value was under $5000.  Station manager will take input into consideration, discuss with supervisor and liaison and make a decision.
  1. Status of Community Volunteers/Contests
    1. Volunteers- Terri reported on status of volunteers. Community members currently doing shows as volunteers include Duane Clark and Shawna Havatone, countdown show on Thursday afternoon; Dempsey Wellington, pre recorded EDM show on Thursday afternoon; Wanda Quasula has begun hosting the Native New Hour daily with good response; Ivan Bender continues to host a Reggae show Tuesday afternoon and Thursday evening,  Leon Ghate has indicated he will begin doing a prerecord modern reggae show on Wednesday evenings. Gloria Susanyatame has begun making language and culture contributions again and is learning how to do a show and plans to host Culturan Conversations on Friday mornings.
    2. We do not currently have any contests going

. We are planning to give away tickets to Israel Vibrations in August and would like to give away some Laughlin Country show tickets.

  1. Terri reported initial mailing of community interest surveys had gone out with changes suggested by committee members and second round will be door to door hanger distribution utilizing WIA youth.
  1. Updates  re programming /operations/content
    1. Production and Broadcasting Training- Terri announced a scheduled voice check and broadcast technique training for all djjs-staff and volunteer to be held at 5pm on June 26 with Dano from KGMN.
    2. Tightening up clocks-Terri reported that all djs were working on tightening up clocks and talk segments and doing proper show plans, including those prerecording shows, in preparation for more rigid scheduling/timing  that FM station will require
    3. Review of content restrictions and music library policy- Terri reminded attendees briefly of content restrictions and music library policy and need to request songs  in advance so free resources  can be used if possible and to include lyrics
    4.  Duane Clarke initiated discussion/inquiry  regarding whether station staff would be present at the community  4th of July event. Terri will get additional information from event sponsor and consider it.
    5. Terri and Miranda reported regarding attendance at Housing fair as first income producing event for the station and scheduled djing at boys and Girls Club dance on June 30 as a trade agreement.  Thus far there has not been resistance or objection to station charging for event services as set out in media kit previously reviewed by committee.
    6. Duane Clarke initiated discussion regarding the station manager’s plans for a “station voice” for KWLP. Terri reviewed previously provided information about current contract with 977 media including creation of 25 station IDs, imaging spots and show promos for KWLP at a flat fee and reported she had written and presented some scripts for the same and directions regarding the “voice” choice consistent with suggestions from committee last fall-ie a Native American voice/sound. Discussion was held regarding whether there was such a thing as a native american sound/voice and whether  it should be “just” a professional radio voice talent, local, native actor, etc.,. Terri will seek some demos to present for committee input and further discussion at a later date.
    7. Duane announced that he had written a letter to Council indicating he felt the radio station should not be a Health Dept program and gave reasons. Terri requested a courtesy copy of the letter as station /program manager. Duane also made inquiry about Miranda’s job title and assigned duties.
    8. Duane announced he had received complaint/statement of concern that station was playing Hualapai “wake” songs. Terri reported that when Hualapai songs were acquired and loaded several years ago, then station assistant and Hualapai Tribe member Candida made contacts , inquiries and did research to ensure all songs we played were “social songs” and could be played any time and in any order, so station was attempting to be respectful of culture and tradition. Terri indicated she would have a Hualapai language speaker listen to content again to ensure songs were okay to air.
  1.  Other
    1. A.Status of youth programming-WIA/BGC/Youth Council/Probation-( did not get to this item)
    2. Terri Native Public Media presentation dates-(did not get to this item)
    3. Amateur radio club of Mohave County-Terri reminded attendees of event on the week- end of  June 28 and invited attendance.
    4. Website updates and Shop-Terri gave a brief overview of updates done this month and planned and in particular the shop site to sell promotional products. Additional promotional products being considered were presented for input
    5. Supervision/Staffing-( did not get to this item)
    6. Other-( see above-out of order)
  1. We will continue every other Tuesday at noon meetings until station launches.

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