Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 4-15-2014

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes 4/15/2014

  1. Persons attending included: Terri Hutchens, Tim Vaughn and Miranda George, radio station staff; Darren Hudak, Boys and Girls Club; Wanda Quasula and Shawna Havatone, law enforcement; Duane Clarke, law enforcement and community dj; David Brehmeyer, Health Department.
  1. Terri gave a brief report regarding the status of  Terrestrial Station permits.
  1. Terri and Tim gave a report regarding community volunteers and programming. Duane Clarke will be starting his countdown show in May. Ivan Bender continues to do his reggae show that is now two days a week. Dempsey Wellington contributes EDM programming, but it is sporadic. Terri requested more regular and active participation of committee members including regarding donating time and give aw ays. Wanda will be putting together a Mother’s Day give away.  BGC agreed to do some painting at the tower site. A sign-up sheet was distributed.
  1. Discussion was held regarding Miranda’s morning show and value of talk not just music. Suggestions  was made for a Sunday am Christian show and Terri reported regarding Christian music in music library.  Suggestion was made to rebroadcast the EDM show on week end evenings. Suggestion was made to have more of a Native prayer loop in the am. Terri announced she is coordinating with HR to get birthdays every month and we will be doing a birthday shout out show.
  1. Other

Discussion was held regarding misc items including Mirand George working as a temp for position vacated by Cherise relocating out of the area;  putting a lock for station on access road to tower; reaching out to juvenile rehab for programming again; and a community request to borrow radio equipment for private events. The consensus of the committee is NO. It presents too much potential for loss and damage to equipment. The committee agreed however that equipment AND DJ together could be rented out, as the DJs are available for $100 an hour. This would include department events also. Terri and Tim will be working on a media kit which will include sales materials and income generating possibilities such as events and remotes.

The next meeting will be at the station on Tuesday the 13th of May, 2014.