Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 10/22/2015

Those in attendance included Terri Hutchens, Radio station; Bennett Jackson, Cultural; Sandra Irwin, Elder and Community: Vivian Parker, Health Dept; Wanda Quasula, Law Enforcement and Volunteer DJ.

Terri gave a report regarding the equipment testing for the FM station. The transmitter has been overheating and new air conditioning and shade are being considered. The EAS system statewide and nationally is operating. We still need to tie into the national weather service and set things up locally….although we are broadcasting local emergency announcements live and via recordings.

Terri reported that FM Launch Open House was a success. Over 150 people attended and the station is now running 40 new station IDs as a result of the local participation, so station has an increased local sound.

A discussion was held regarding the station’s PSAs. Sandra Irwin indicated she had heard one she felt was negative in its message and suggested that messages should be positive…rather than indicating what bad things will happen if you drink….the ads should focus on what good things will happen if you don’t, for example. Terri reported that she had received a couple dozen new PSAs at the recent NAB conference and that a number of them were “positive messages,” that should be screened, processed and on the air within the next month, and that stale PSAs would be removed.

Terri reported on status of Community volunteers including Jr Imus and Frank Mapatis joining the volunteer DJs. Discussion was held regarding the plans to mandate volunteer training based on some of the courses attended at the NAB; that we now have a new volunteer recruiting and volunteer of the month promotion running and   Committee members are asked to continue recruiting…and there is more need for volunteers than just DJing if people are shy….

The program schedule changed 08152015 was distributed. Terri reported on station Contests/ Give Aways which were County Fair in Sept, AZ state fair and Culture Shock in October, and which will be Rez Country concert and Movie tickets in Nov. Terri reported on the Dances/ Community Events and Collaborations in which the station participated which included the employee Picnic in August, the Indian Day parade and FM launch Open House in Sept and which will include a Halloween BGC Dance and the community Harvest Festival in October. Terri confirmed the station would be sponsoring the Culture Shock Original concert on the 24th and solicited volunteers. The promo flyer and a sign up sheet were circulated. Terri reported current advertisers include the Caverns &Theater& State Fair.

Terri reported on other misc matters: The station is still seeking someone to do roadside billboards. Committee recommended changes to the KWLP handbook have been made and it will be forwarded to Council. Youth involvement has declined. BGC has not been coming over weekly due to staff shortages.

A print out of the new music purchased, received from 977 media and donated in September/October was distributed. There are new station promos and volunteer solicitations on the air.

Terri reported on the NAB conference and distributed written summaries from staff. Attendance will result in changes in re sales, making volunteer training mandatory and purchasing of ENCO broadcast software to replace SAM. Enco has protections to give multiple users limited access to content and better capabilities for multiple users to load shows in advance which will be great features for volunteers.

Next meetings will be Nov 19 at noon ( regular day conflicts with Thanksgiving). Dec. meeting will be holiday function to be announced.

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 11/19/2015

Noon-light lunch provided

Radio station


  1. Intros-Raffle tickets-Sign In
  2. Approve minutes from 10/22/2015 meeting
  1. Status of FM Station
  2. Test phase-power increases and transmitter overheating and signal stutters : interventions
  3. EAS system status
  1. Status of Community Volunteers
    1. volunteers
    2. Continue Recruiting! :)
    3. Volunteer of the Month update-(hand out)
  1. Updates re programming /operations/content
    1. Program schedule changed (hand out)
    2. Contests/Give Aways-County Fair in October: AZ state fair and Culture and Movie tickets in Nov
    3. Dances/ Community Events and Collaborations- BGC Dance, community Harvest Festival and Culture Shock and El Coochise Concerts oct/early Nov
    4. Veteran’s Day music
    5. Advertising/Sponsorship Updates-Caverns &Theater& State Fair
    6. Status of Billboards-
  2. Other
    1. Status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA
    2. Music Library Update
      1. ( see new music directory print out for October/Nov)
      2. Need volunteers to screen donated CDs for content and duplications
      3. Updated PSAs
      4. More station promos on the air
      5. Holiday event-Dec 11 6pm at the lodge
      6. Other?
      7. Raffle winner

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 6/25/2015

Noon-Radio station

The persons attending included: Terri Hutchens, radio staff; Sandra Irwin, Health Dept Director and community elder; Sheri Yellowhawk, Education and Training, program manager and community member; Darren Hudak, Boys and Girls Club Director; Vivian Paprker, Health Dept and Community elder; Tina Grounds, Tribal court and Volunteer DJ. Wanda Quasula was out of town on travel  and notified station of inability to attend in advance.

Terri Hutchens gave an overview and summary of the Status of Terrestrial Station Build out

including the progress Public works  is making on the station remodel punch list; the fencing at the tower and the assistance Mark Dryden is providing with related matters. Terri Hutchens reported on the recent site visit of Contractor  Ruth Woody of Shout Automation and how her time and services were utilized related to preparing the SAM broadcast system and music library for support the FM broadcast. Terri Hutchens gave a report regarding the difficulties in getting Mohave Electric service in the proper location on Grey Mt.. Darren Hudak shared that he had experienced similar challenges in dealing with them with payments being misapplied to other accounts; location (I relation to Head Start v BGC) and their position and interpretation of “authorized agent….Documenting photos were made available.

Terri Hutchens reported on the status of Community Volunteers. A roster  was provided and members volunteers leaving shows, new volunteers and prospects were identified and discussed.

The P1 learning  and purpose/need for training was discussed. The committee consensus was that DJs should feel free to speak with local colloquialisms/slag. ( Jah…Ho Wah…etc.,.)

Members were asked to Continue Recruiting volunteers and encouraging community support. The new Volunteer of the Month program starting July 1  was discussed and details for factors to be considered were presented  in a hand outs’ concern regarding subjectivity of selection was raised and discussed. Prizes for incentives have not been determined yet.

Terri Hutchens gave updates  re programming /operation/ programming. The program schedule was changed 06152015. The new schedule was distributed. Major changes were made based upon: outcome/input at NFCB conference e ( especially adding Native American calling daily on week days;) volunteer availability and consistent participation in scheduled shows; and community feedback regarding programming- and essentially with weight in that order. Show for which DJs have been inconsistent in showing up and not prepared were removed or shortened.  Contests/Give Aways-last month were  Reggae in the Desert and Skankin Wit Dem Walapai and the next one will probably be something for Country listeners. Dances/ Community Events and Collaboration staff participated in last month were Route 66 Fun Run  andMother’s Day Dance and so far this month the Father’s day dance ,the Housing Fair/Career Fair and the Education graduation.  We have secured a contract with GCRC for Advertising during 2015-2016 and have an informal one continuing with the Lodge- will try to shore up; and -working on others. Reminder that Committee members are encouraged to listen to ensure content is complying with mission statement.

Terri gave a report regarding the status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA. We have one WIA summer youth assigned to the program who is doing a daily news report for Native Noon Hour from Native Public Media sources; as well as screening music and misc. Changes regarding the music library set up were summarized and the current new music directory was made available via hand out for review.  KWLP Voice Imaging done Recorded and to be Produced- can be reviewed and new production library. The New media Kit- can be reviewed on website and major changes were made to the website while Ruth Woody was here. There are now show pages for all but the newest shows and DJ pages for all but the newest DJS with interconnecting link.

Terri gave an overview of the NFCB conference and some ideas for programming that may develop from what was shared there.

Suggestions made by Committee Members that we should follow up on include: getting a Vendor list to approach as advertisers; Conduct a music Drive; particiate in some activities at the Elder center and give some priority to having other programs and departments listening.

Next meeting will be on Thursday July 23, 2015 at noon in the station conference room. Raffle will be conducted for attendees. Lunch will be provided.

Congratulations to Darren Hudak-this meetings raffle winner. He received a new KWLP 6g promotional jump drive.

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 10/22/2015

Noon-light lunch provided

Radio station

  1. Intros-Sign  In


  1. Status of FM Station

  1. FM Launch Open House- increase in community and local sound/PSAs and engagement

  2. Test phase-power increases and transmitter overheating : interventions

  3. EAS system status


  1. Status of Community Volunteers

  1. 2 New volunteers and 1 returning: 2 lost-

  2. Continue Recruiting! :)

  3. Volunteer of the Month update-(hand out)


  1. Updates  re programming /operations/content

  1. Program schedule changed 08152015 (hand out)

  2. Contests/Give Aways-County Fair in Sept, AZ state fair and Culture Shock in October, Rez Country and Movie tickets in Nov

  3. Dances/ Community Events and Collaborations-Employee Picnic in August,Open House in Sept, BGC Dance and community Harvest Festival in

  4. Culture Shock event-need volunteers (see promo flyer and sign up sheet)

  5. Advertising/Sponsorship Updates-Caverns &Theater& State FAir

  6. Status of  Billboards-

  7. Revised Handbook for FM- changes made and submitted to Council


  1. Other

  1. Status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA

  2. Music Library Update

    1. ( see new music directory print out for Sept/October)

    2. ( 2 major donations)

  3. Continuing Reviewing, processing donated music-could use volunteer help

  4. More station promos on the air

  5. NAB conference summary and resulting change in policy re sales, volunteer training mandatory and purchase of ENCO broadcast software

  6. Other?

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes 05/26/2016
Noon- lunch provided by Walapai Market
Radio station Conference Room

Persons attending the meeting included: Terri Hutchens and Georgetta Russell, radio station; Elaena Bravo, Healthy Heart; Brittany Unger, Boys and Girls Club; Wanda Quasula, Law Enforcement

I. Status of FM Station
Terri reported that repairs, back up antennas and transmitter and remote application in works as station suffered some damage during wind storm in early April and lightening strike in early May. Terri requested input regarding seeking upgrade from Class C to A and consensus was to wait until new council was seated?

II. Status of Community Volunteers and Staffing
Terri reported Hualapai Apprentice position filled and introduced Georgetta Russell. Terri reported station still need volunteers to screen donated CDs for content and duplications and new music from licensed supplier. Terri announced the volunteer of Month and reported that two volunteer DJS who had been on sabbatical indicated they would be returning this month and that we have one additional regular language contributor ( Bonita Imus in addition to Mike Whatonome.)

III. Updates re programming /operations/content
Terri reported there are no new programming updates; Electrical and building Repairs in will be in progress over the next couple of months with Barkhurst electric selected and public works doing new stairs and skirting and misc. Enco conversion is going slowly due to staff’s other tasks. Terri reported the Market, GCC and Brendan Theater going well, Lodge will pick up with Getta doing Morning Blend; just signed Dr Purdum to sponsor Soulful Moments; but we lost Blue Moon Pest control because they only got one customer in three months of ads. Terri reported the station is selling local political ads and reviewed the rules and pricing. The station is still almost a year after the fact looking for a local to do Billboards.

IV. Other
Terri reported there are currently no youth actively participating but expects WIA summer youth and Brittany indicated BGC would be coming over more, but for staffing shortages. Terri distributed a print out of new music loaded into the station in 05/2016. Terri would still like to meet with new advisory committee members and bring them up to speed with veterans, but most not present…Terri proposed reducing the number of advisory committee meetings to every other month or quarterly, now that the FM license had been received. The consensus was to reduce them to quarterly, with the next meeting to be held on July 28, 2016: still at noon and still at the station.