Daily View

Spring Break - Natural Resource Activities (-)

Diamond Creek expeditions for young people ages 8 and up.

This event is brought to you by the Department of Natural Resources enjoy a day of studying:

  1. Botany - Plant identification and creating a Hualapai Tribal Herbarium!
  2. Entomology - Collecting, identifying, and creating a database of macro-invertebrates!
  3. Photography-Journalism - Get your feet wet!

Snacks, water, and lunch will be provided.

Please fill out a permission slip for your child at the Department of Natural Resources.


Introduction to Grandparents Rights Meeting (-)

Currently, there are no rights to grandparents for visitations within our law and order code.

Tired of being told you can't see your grandkids? Tired of being told you can't talk to them? or can't visit them?


Are you the person who says no to visitations?

Pursuant to our Hualapai Constitution, every Hualapai member is to have equal rights. Currently, there is no provisions to give you that right. Nearly 90% of grandparents wanting visitations are denied and turned away.