Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda - 1-14-2013

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Board

Meeting Agenda 1/14/2013

I.                    Introductions

II.                  Status of Terrestrial Station

A.      FCC documentation submission

B.      Tower  info/status

C.       Engineer’s report re “What’s next?” and  “When?”

III.                Status of Community Volunteers

A.    Misc (Ivan’s show, Dempsey and misc LaDonna)

a.       Discussion of board members  volunteering (Duane’s special…and more?)

IV.                Updates  re programming /operations/content

V.                  Status of current staffing

a.       Radio station assistant-eligibility issue resolved J

b.      Secretary/Reception position –impending maternity leave/another temp?

c.       Audio production training in December

VI.                Other?

a.       Budget approval

b.      Professional contents

c.       Status of youth programming-WIA/BGC/Youth Council/Probation

d.      Music library

e.      January/February events

f.        Questions-Comments?

VII.              Next meetings? Dates and Location?

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