Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda 9-3-2014

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 9/4/2014

  1. Intros, Gifts of new promo products ! J and Approval of Minutes
  1. Status of Terrestrial Station Build out
    1. Public works status
    2. Contractor status
    3. Other
  1. Status of Community Volunteers/Contests
    1. New volunteers/shows Report-We have been BUSY with new and expanding volunteer programming!!!!!! putting together a hot mail group for notices- station closures/staff absences
    2. Kingman Theater trade agreement and identifying weekly review participant
    3. Lodge Trade
    4. Survey delivery status?
    5. Participation in Hualapai Days parade?
    6. Continue Recruiting! :)
  1. Updates re programming /operations/content
    1. Success of live guests- El Cochise and Warrior King
    2. Revisions and update re HWPD productions
    3. Update re PSA production completion-
    4. Update re liner/promo production including KWLP imaging
    5. Facebook Activity Report
    6. Upcoming events-Parade and Halloween Event (paid)
  1. Other
    1. Status of youth programming-
    2. Sales and promotion status report-including web site and store
    3. Language and cultural programming report and sharing of info/opportunities
    4. Other?



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