Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda 7-08-2014

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 7/8/2014

  1. Intro and Approval of Minutes
  1. Status of Terrestrial Station
    1. Hualapai local permit have received
    2. Collaboration with Public works-tower and studio-meeting date July 22
    3. Chief operator…….Matt Krick
  1. Status of Community Volunteers/Contests
    1. Misc
    2. Surveys done and out round one- round two may need help from animal control J
  1. Updates re programming /operations/content
    1. Production and Broadcasting Training-report on training June 24 and trainings scheduled for July
    2. Report on June 30 event and July events
    3. Demographic info and signal map for review
    4. Need more language and culture-please recruit/encourage contributors
    5. E. results of Hualapai song review
  1. Other
    1. Status of youth programming-WIA/BGC/Youth Council/Probation/Youth rehab
    2. Terri Native Public Media presentation and conference-travel 7/9-7/13
    3. Miranda travel re NARCH project July 10 and 11
    4. Promotional Products and KWLP banners now ordered- and will have website sales shop with pay pal
    5. Other?
    6. Next meeting July 22


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