Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 1 - 7 - 2013

Hualapai Radio Advisory Committee Minutes of 1/7/2013


Meeting The meeting was held at noon at the Health Dept small classroom. Persons attending the meeting included Terri Hutchens, Tim Vaughn, Wanda Quasula, Leon Ghahate, Lyndee Hornell, Jennifer Pope, Bennett Jackson and Ruth Woody. Terri Hutchens gave an overview of the history of the radio station projects; status of the Terrestrial station; possible purposes/functions of a community advisory committee, including input regarding programming, soliciting and encouraging volunteers, especially for language and cultural programming ,creating policy and procedures manuals, and assisting marketing and advertising sales. Terri Hutchens, Tim Vaughn and Ruth Woody gave additional information regarding the changes in the Internet station from Kidstar to Shout Automation and Tune In. Attendees were given handouts including a copy of the Petition for Rulemaking regarding the Terrestrial station; sample by-laws; the internet station program schedule; flyers regarding the program allowing stipends for cultural and language contributions; the new internet website and the facebook page (EPCH.) Leon Ghahate shared some of his experience and observations regarding other native stations. Wanda Quasula indicated she would encourage law enforcement staff to attend weekly for a live program on Tuesdays. All participants were encouraged to listen to the station ( so they can give input on programming; stop by the station and invite others to participate. Terri Hutchens will forward attendees the mission statement prepared by the PTFP (planning and development) committee The next meeting will be held at the radio station conference room/green room at noon on Monday January 28, 2013.

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