Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes 5/06/2013

  1. Introductions –Persons in attendance included station staff Terri Hutchens and Tim Vaughn; Vice Chairman and Tribal Council Liason; Philbert Watahomigie; Boys and Girls Club staff Darrell Hudak and Cliffany Moma; Law Enforcement Representative,Wanda Quasula, Emergency Services Representatives-Duane Clarke and Shawna Havatone; Health dept staff member and community volunteer Leon Ghati appeared briefly to announce efforts regarding Reggae in the desert; Radio Station temporary staff, Casey Shultz appeared for part of the meeting.
  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by consensus.
  1. Terri and Tim reported on the status of completing the switch of the internet automation/broadcast system; the recent updates/changes to the programming schedule, which were provided ;Terri and Casey reported on site visits to Hopi and Navajo stations; the site visit of Ruth Woody from Shoutcast/977 media, and the updates of the website were displayed and feedback given by attendees. Discussion was held regarding tower needs and the fact Sandra Irwin had given approval for the station to utilize one of the departments storage sheds as the station tower shack, which may save considerable money in construction.
  1. The committee members gave consensus approval of the submitted volunteer/staff handbook prepared by Terri and circulated for review. Consensus agreement that it should be approved by Council, but submitted after the operations and sales handbooks are compiled-all together.
  1. There was discussion regarding culture and language on the radio. Board concurred with including multiple native languages found on the Reservation in the morning welcome/blessing and made suggestions on how to gather additional language contributions by community members, such as doing it at various community events or holding a separate event.
  1. Status of Community Volunteer participation was discussed. It was agreed that board members should participate by doing announcements and making voice and language contributions. Staff hopes to get additional information regarding securing and sustaining reliable community volunteer participation at the upcoming NFCB conference.

VII .     Other-

  1. Status of youth programming-BGCstaff gave a report on their upcoming events and collaboration with

station via teen group participating fri a.m. and staff/youth doing an event report weekly

  1. Info shared re upcoming NFCB conference in SFCA and phoneix
  1. The meetings will continue on Tuesdays and the next one will be June 6, 2013 at noon at the station to coincide with return of staff from NFCB conference.


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