Hualapai Radio Advisory Committee

Minutes of 7/08/2013 Meeting

The meeting was held at noon at the radio station, because the cultural staff was at camp and their meeting room/building was closed. Persons attending the meeting included Terri Hutchens, project coordinator; Tim Vaughn, radio station assistant; Leon Ghahate , youth services; Lyndee Hornell, community member and alcohol prevention; Georgetta Russell, community member and station volunteer.

Terri Hutchens provided attendees with a brief status report regarding the internet station and the terrestrial station and shared an email re terrestrial station from consultant Fred Hannel. Planned site visit on July 31-August 2 was announced.

Discussion was held regarding the need for committee members to volunteer regularly and regarding current community volunteer DJs. Flyers and Gamyu announcements regarding the present campaign to enlist additional community member volunteers was shared. Two adult community members are currently participating regularly as volunteer djs. Discussion was held regarding radio shet services staff are trying out and sound cloud services. (Something volunteers could search and screen from programming.)

The proposed revisions to position job descriptions to adjust for station being commercial rather non-commercial and the end of funding grant were reviewed and approved.

Terri reported on meeting with KGMN staff and plans to collaborate with that Kingman station network for engineering and production services.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday August 6, 2013 at the radio station.

Please contact Terri by email or at 769-1110 no later than Monday the 6th at 5pm to advise if you will attend in person, so lunch may be ordered for you; or if you need to attend by phone, so a conference call may be arranged.


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