Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes -01-26-2017

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 01/26/2017

Radio station Conference Room

Attendance: Those in attendance included Terri Hutchens, radio; Wanda Quasula, law enforcement and volunteer DJ, Tina Grounds, volunteer DJ; Britney Unger, Boys and Girls Club


Status of FM: Terri reported that the Budget proposal for 2017 which included funding for an upgrade to Class A had been approved. The roles of advisory committee when fundraising wasn’t involved were reviewed and discussed, including the mandatory volunteer hour of 10 hours monthly agreed by consensus last year and promoting station was reviewed and discussed. Terri distributed the 2016 program report to Council for review and input.

Status of Community Volunteers and Staffing: Terri reported that volunteers to screen music are still needed because donating CD to station campaign was generating donations. This would be a good way to contribute volunteer time as a committee member. Terri advised committee of volunteer of the year and incentives received and reported on number of active volunteer DJs (10,) departing and new/returning volunteers. The make-up and attendance/participation of advisory committee members was discussed and suggestions regarding replacements for those not attending or planning to resign solicited.

Updates  re programming /operations/content:  Terri reported that NV1 was adding a news commentary show-Trahandt Report and KWLP would air weekly during NNH on Tues; that we had designed and produced Read ON Hualapai in coordination with First Things First and Read on Hualapai: playing locally read story and lullaby sung in Hualapai Sun-Thur at 8pm and promo flyer distributed. Terri reported on status of Contracts, Billboards and building maintenance also.

 Other : Terri and Britney reported on status and plans for collaboration in 2017. Terri reported on music library status. Dates for 2017 meetings were set. Raffle winner chosen and meeting adjourned. Next meeting April 20 at noon at the station conference room.

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