Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda -04-02-2017

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 04/20/2017

Radio station Conference Room

  1. Intros-Raffle tickets-Sign  In
  1. Status of FM Station
    1. Submitting Resolution  for upgrade from Class C to Class A this month-look for on Council agenda’s and come show suportapproved in 2017 budget.
    2. Down day…..
    3. Guest from England .
  2. Status of Community Volunteers and Staffing
    1. Still need volunteers to screen donated CDs for content and duplications and new music from licensed supplier- remember volunteer hours commitment for committee members….
    2. Volunteer of Month: Jan, Feb and March
    3. Recent volunteer issue/complaint and future sponsorships of events, etc.,.
    4. Active volunteers?  Departing and New  volunteers and shows?   New language contributors?
    5. Make up of Advisory Committee? Changes?
  1. Updates  re programming /operations/content
    1.  programming updates- NV1 (Trahandt Report;) Read on Hualapai ( reminder); Redeemed and Free; changes in NNH
    2. Advertising/Sponsorship Updates-
      1. Market, Lodge and River Runners-renewed and set up
      2. Brendan Cinema renewed
      3. Concern re GCRC
      4. Dan still working on Oxendale Motors, Flagstaff and Mattress Land & Furniture, Kingman
      5. I have one interested printer…and am going to approach Trading Post                           
      6. Status of  Billboards –
      7. D. status of building punch list and exterior-plans
  1.  Other
    1. Status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA-(transition house)
    2. Music Library Update
    3. Other?
    4. Next meeting July 27 ( after NFCB conference preceding week)
    5. Raffle winner

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