Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda - 07-28-2016

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 07/28/2016

Noon- lunch provided by Walapai Market

Radio station Conference Room

  1. Intros-Raffle tickets-Sign  In
  1. Status of FM Station
    1. Remodeling complete and in progress: electrical at station done; new stairs done; skirting and misc in progress; electrical repairs at tower done-field operator repairs from April and May damage still awaiting arrival of ordered parts and equipment.
    2. Will request permission to upgrade from Class C to Class A this Fall.
  2. Status of Community Volunteers and Staffing
    1. Still need volunteers to screen donated CDs for content and duplications and new music from licensed supplier- remember volunteer hours commitment for committee members.
    2. Volunteer of Month
    3. New  volunteer?  
    4.  New language contributors?
    5. NFCB Conference in June and Terri and Getta at NPM in July
  1. Updates  re programming /operations/content
    1.  programming updates- NV1 (1st Seers)
    2. Advertising/Sponsorship Updates-
      1. Market, Lodge and Brendan Theater going well
      2.  just signed Dr Purdum to sponsor Soulful Moments
      3. Lost  GCC                    
      4. Status of  Billboards -still no response
  1.  Other
  2. A.    Meeting with Chairman
    1. Status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA-
    2.  Music Library Update
    3. Still would like to schedule update sessions for new members
    4. Other?
    5. Raffle winner

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