Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 02-25-2016

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 02/25/2016

Those attending included: Bennett Wakayuta and Marcie Craynon, Cultural Dept; Sandra Irwin, Health Dept and community Elder; Vivian Parker, Maternal Child Health and Community member; Tina Grounds, Court and Volunteer DJ.; Terri Hutchens Radio station. Wanda Quasula, Law Enforcement and Volunteer DJ was excused on travel. Rosemary Sullivan was excused due to conflicting meetings/travel. Representatives from The Boys and Girls Club and Education and Training Dept were not present. Dinner was provided by the Walapai Market.

 Minutes from 01/28/2016 meeting were informally approved.

Terri reported the license related plans for 2016 including seeking to upgrade the license from a Class C to a Class A to increase signal range and improve signal in more areas of the Reservation. After the upgrade is secured, if approved by Council, action will be taken to address signal interference in Valle Vista/Kingman area. Discussion was held regarding recent signal interruptions and interference and causes

 Regarding community volunteers and staff: Terri reported both the Part time admin assistant position (anticipated temp person was no show/no call) and the Hualapai Apprentice position ( planned temp candidate didn’t pass background check) are open and posted.  A station organizational chart was distributed and discussed.  Terri reported there are currently 10 active volunteer DJSs. There was a discussion about roles, programs and levels of performance, mandatory training and additional volunteer needs , including : need for volunteers to screen purchased and donated music CDs for content and duplications. We could also use a volunteer to do some data entry with Music Library  to prepare for ENCO broadcast system s witch over if padmin position isn’t filled soon.

 Regarding updates concerning  programming, operations and content: Terri reported the  Arizona Radio News and Cesmet Sports Affiliate Status began 2/1/2016 and is  running smoothly. We have received no feedback from the community positive or negative. The only upcoming program schedule change anticipated- is the addition of  another NV1 program: Wisdom of the Elders into Sunday at 11 cultural slot,  when Rosie doesn’t have a specific show planned and recorded. There was discussion about culture and language programming and anticipated  collaborations with the Cultural department in 2016. Marcie will assist with getting additional content, such as books  for narration and coordinating narrators who speak the language or would be comfortable reading or telling stories to be archived and played on the air. Questions raised about programming content were discussed. New members will be invited to meeting separately to get up to speed regarding applicable rules, regulations, policy and history of station and mission, etc.,. Terri will contact new members to determine best available time. New members may also review website at to get wealth of info and history about the station, including review past committee agendas and minutes and get policy and procedure manual.

Terri will continue to reach out to social services and youth council regarding making regular programming contributions, similar to those several health dept programs and cultural are now making.  Terri reported on a major electrical issue the building is having: some outages and shorts and unanticipated expenses have occurred and additional work will be needed. Public Works is assisting with getting recommendations and bids. Tina corroborated an experience and requested flash lights be purchased. Location of fire extinguishers was reviewed.

Terri reported the “local take over  system” would be set up this month and solicited input regarding who should have access: suggestions/consensus are police, fire, school, natural resources and public works.  The ENCO broadcast system equipment has arrived. It will take staff sometime to set it up, transfer data from current SAM system, get trained in operation and train volunteers in operation. Terri gave a summary of pros and cons for new system.

Regarding Advertising and Sponsorship Updates, Terri reported the trade contract with the Walapai Market ( sponsor of the Morning Hoedown is going well) The Market manager is really happy with the advertising, especially the anniversary remote and reports increased sales and decreased calls regarding lunch specials. Blue Moon Pest Control  just signed a trade contract and Caverns has indicated they will advertise again this Spring.

Regarding misc matters: Terri reported there is still no artist to do the Billboards.  RFPs were put in Gamyu and sent to Supai as suggested last meeting. Marcie said she would provide contact info Supai Natural Resources staff. Terri will do an on-air solicitation. There are currently no youth regularly participating at the station from BGC, Youth Council, Probation or WIA.   There was no input, comments or questions Review and Input of 2015 report to Council including 2016 Goals and objections handed out last meeting? The print out of new music added to library in 02/2016 was distributed.

Sandra Irwin won the raffle.

The next meeting will be Thursday March 31, 2016 at noon at the radio station conference room. Lunch will be provided by the Hualapai Market. There will be a raffle. 

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