Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 11/19/2015

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 10/22/2015

Those in attendance included Terri Hutchens, Radio station; Bennett Jackson, Cultural; Sandra Irwin, Elder and Community: Vivian Parker, Health Dept; Wanda Quasula, Law Enforcement and Volunteer DJ.

Terri gave a report regarding the equipment testing for the FM station. The transmitter has been overheating and new air conditioning and shade are being considered. The EAS system statewide and nationally is operating. We still need to tie into the national weather service and set things up locally….although we are broadcasting local emergency announcements live and via recordings.

Terri reported that FM Launch Open House was a success. Over 150 people attended and the station is now running 40 new station IDs as a result of the local participation, so station has an increased local sound.

A discussion was held regarding the station’s PSAs. Sandra Irwin indicated she had heard one she felt was negative in its message and suggested that messages should be positive…rather than indicating what bad things will happen if you drink….the ads should focus on what good things will happen if you don’t, for example. Terri reported that she had received a couple dozen new PSAs at the recent NAB conference and that a number of them were “positive messages,” that should be screened, processed and on the air within the next month, and that stale PSAs would be removed.

Terri reported on status of Community volunteers including Jr Imus and Frank Mapatis joining the volunteer DJs. Discussion was held regarding the plans to mandate volunteer training based on some of the courses attended at the NAB; that we now have a new volunteer recruiting and volunteer of the month promotion running and   Committee members are asked to continue recruiting…and there is more need for volunteers than just DJing if people are shy….

The program schedule changed 08152015 was distributed. Terri reported on station Contests/ Give Aways which were County Fair in Sept, AZ state fair and Culture Shock in October, and which will be Rez Country concert and Movie tickets in Nov. Terri reported on the Dances/ Community Events and Collaborations in which the station participated which included the employee Picnic in August, the Indian Day parade and FM launch Open House in Sept and which will include a Halloween BGC Dance and the community Harvest Festival in October. Terri confirmed the station would be sponsoring the Culture Shock Original concert on the 24th and solicited volunteers. The promo flyer and a sign up sheet were circulated. Terri reported current advertisers include the Caverns &Theater& State Fair.

Terri reported on other misc matters: The station is still seeking someone to do roadside billboards. Committee recommended changes to the KWLP handbook have been made and it will be forwarded to Council. Youth involvement has declined. BGC has not been coming over weekly due to staff shortages.

A print out of the new music purchased, received from 977 media and donated in September/October was distributed. There are new station promos and volunteer solicitations on the air.

Terri reported on the NAB conference and distributed written summaries from staff. Attendance will result in changes in re sales, making volunteer training mandatory and purchasing of ENCO broadcast software to replace SAM. Enco has protections to give multiple users limited access to content and better capabilities for multiple users to load shows in advance which will be great features for volunteers.

Next meetings will be Nov 19 at noon ( regular day conflicts with Thanksgiving). Dec. meeting will be holiday function to be announced.

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