Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - 1-14-2013

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes 1/14/2013

  1. Introductions –Persons in attendance included station staff Terri Hutchens and Tim Vaughn;  Vice Chairman and Council Liason, Philbert Watahomigie; Boys and Girls Club staff Darren Hudak and Cliffany Mowa; Health Department Staff Leon Ghate and Lyndee Hornell.
  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by consensus.
  1. Terri reported on the status of timely submission of continuing interest and ability to perform documents to the F.C.C. in December (done) and the status with the tower. The plan being to utilize an old abandoned BIA tower rather than try to crowd in on the “Verizon” tower as originally planned. With assistance from Kevin Davidson, Planning Director, Terri is negotiating MOU with BIA. F.C.C. documents will need to be modified when done. Should not result in any delay with FM license or permit.
  1. Terri  and Tim updated committee regarding operations and programming, special events  and current staffing, contract and related issues.
  1. Terri reported theTribe approved the budget proposal  submitted  in November.
  1. Terri reported she had done as suggested by Duane Clark last meeting and  requested a retired vehicle from law enforcement.
  1. Status of Community Volunteer participation was discussed. It was agreed that board members should participate by doing announcements and making voice and language contributions.  Duane  and Shawna    will be working on a “Gamyu in a minute show”  and  Duane will do a 2013 countdown show. Lyndee expressed interest in hosting a gourd show. There was discussion regarding payment and incentives for volunteers.  

VII .       There was discussion of youth program participation and suggestions for increasing consistency.

  1. The meetings will continue monthly on Tuesdays  at noon at the station. The next one will be February  11, 2014 at noon at the station. 

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