Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes -04-20-2017

Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 04/20/2017

Those in attendance included: Terri Hutchens, radio station; Marcie Craynon and Bennett Jackson, Cultural Department; Wanda Quasula, Law Enforcement and Volunteer DJ; Brittany Unger, Boys and Girls Club. Those not in attendance: Sandra Irwin, Health Department; Vivian Parker, community Elder; Jonel Tapija, Education; Rosemary Sullivan, Health Department; Tina Grounds, Volunteer DJ; Vice Chairman , Tribal Council Liaison. Terri reported that Sandra Irwin and Vivian Parker had indicated they would not be participating any longer, so those spots needed to be filled. Members were encouraged to suggest and invite others. Education member has never attended…

Terri made a report on the Status of FM Station. She will be submitting a Resolution  for upgrade from Class C to Class A this month-look for on Council agenda’s and come show support. It was already approved in 2017 budget. Discussion was held about the impact of the upgrade and purpose. Discussion was held regarding the cause of the day station was off the air in early April and steps being taken to avoid in the future. Terri reported about the station’s guest from a University in England on 4/13 and the results of the visit.

Terri reported on the status of Community Volunteers and Staffing. Discussion was held regarding the success of the donated CD campaign and how that now means more volunteers to screen donated CDs for content and duplications and new music from licensed supplier. Members were reminded they are to contribute 10 hours monthly volunteer time and screening music is a fun and easy way to meet that commitment. Volunteers of the month to date were identified and on request of Marce, Terri reviewed what volunteers need to do to get incentives and be selected volunteer of the month. Discussion was held regarding recent volunteer issue/complaint and the impact on future sponsorships of events, etc.,. and consensus of members present was given. Marcie shared the reason there was a conflict for the volunteer. Terri reported on the number of active volunteers, including new and departing and some potential new language contributors. Discussion was held about the make up of the Advisory Committee and whether it should be changed. Filling vacant spots and leaving make-up of members the same was consensus.

Terri gave updates on changes for  programming and the latest schedule was distributed. Terri gave update on current advertisers and those Dan is currently courting, and discussion was held about other options. Terri also gave a report on the status of the Billboards and building repairs.

Terri and Brittany gave a report on the current status and future plans for youth participation at the station. Terri distributed copies of new music added to the station this quarter. The next meeting was set for July 27 and meeting adjourned after raffle winner selected.

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